Taste Uniqueness
Taste Uniqueness
Taste Uniqueness
Taste Uniqueness


The Portuguese comfort food restaurant of Verride Palácio Santa Catarina, the Criatura Restaurant, will close temporarily. But not for long!
The concept will be renovated but do not worry, we will share our news and updates briefly.
The last meal will be served on Friday, August 3rd. Until then, you can enjoy the SUBA gastro bar at the top floor of the building, as well as the Rooftop Bar with a 360º view over the city and the river. More information here.


Portuguese History is full of Discoveries. And it’s no secret that most of them ended up in our kitchens. New flavours, unknown ingredients and wonderful recipes enriched our cuisine and made it like it is today: deliciously irresistible.

Our restaurant, Criatura, will lead you on a journey through the origins of fusion cuisine where “sharing” is the word that will allow fraternization at the table – a popular tradition in Latin countries – so you can have the chance to taste a greater number of dishes and also enjoy those moments with the ones you love. We’re sure new flavours will bring new friends all around you.

Our table is your table

Food, friends and long talks are some of the things that make our mealtimes so unique. Gather some friends around a large table, order different dishes, pair them with wonderful wines and share. Share the stories, share the flavours, share the experience of being together. Appreciate all that our kitchen and city have to offer and feel welcomed and happy.

Like a cellar

Portuguese wines are well-known for their strong character and rich flavours. That’s why we dedicated a long time choosing some of the best bottles that will take you through Portugal’s vines and heritage in just one glass. If you're eager for a long journey don't miss our great world selection. Enjoy a glass or two.

Welcome to our neighbourhood

The food is great but so is the vibe that surrounds Criatura. We are proud to say that we are encircled by the best neighbourhoods. Follow us and nearby you can enjoy the unique view of Miradouro de Santa Catarina, walk up and down the streets of Bairro Alto and Bica, enjoy some drinks, and dance.

“If the music be the food of love, play on!”
William Shakespeare